daily painting titled Clementine and cup

Clementine and cup

20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 22 November, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Nice rich and warm painting. I especially like the way you did the table.
I am reading your wife's book "cherries From....." Very interesting. I think we all go through periods when we just can't bring ourselves to paint! I rented an apartment in Bonnieux last summer for 4 weeks and loved exploring Provence. My second trip. Some of my favorite places ( besides my beloved Bonnieux) are Gorde, Saignon, Roussillion, and Lourmarin. I so enjoyed in Ruth's book the Christmas Eve Shopping in the market in Avignon. My daughter and I simply loveeeed that place. I do Watercolors, mostly village scenes and landscapes. Love the lavender and sunflower fields. Never there early enough for the poppy fields Love your paintings! There is an artist in Bonnieux, Janin, who does fabulous work, too. Have you put in the fireplace yet or kitchen counter tops? Ruth is very patient. Is she still touring with her cello? Keep up the good work!!! Marti
Doesn't seem like a lapse in painting Julian, can still recall few online to keep going.. Love the solidity, colour and texture... Also enjoyed previous message from Marti Franks...
Dear Julian. I am continually amazed that in spite of your phenomenal output, you we still like the rest of us -- doing 'wipers," procrastinating, getting sidetracked with the computer. An ordinary artist's life and then today's painting.? bless your heart. We have no excuse for dry brushes.
I'd say that your "Day 2" of being back at painting was very successful! I love the gloss and vivid color of the clementine but the way you painted that leaf (with that touch of light) is exquisite. I find my eye keeps returning to it. And, of course, I always love your shadows. Thank you.
Hi Julian! Same way with exercise I have found. Easy to stop ... hard to begin again. Always love your posts and I am working on attending one of your late summer/fall workshops. all the best
love your still lifes and...you inspire me with your sharing how your hiatus from painting affected you I am a painter who tore both my rotator cuffs and have had a long recovery. .Regaining my self confidence and skill has been a challenge.....at the inception of discovering my self. Thank you again Phyllis
Keep it up, Julian! You brighten the world, one painting at a time, every time. Thank you.