daily painting titled Babu Sleeping

Babu Sleeping

21cm x 14cm (8"x6"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 4 October, 2009
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Nåh hvor er den sød !
Julian, please do more cats. This is marvelous and many people adore them. I'm a dog lover myself (as you'll see on my web site) and would love any dog you care to paint. Thanks, Emilie
This is SO Babu! BTW I thought you were painting figs! I should add that Poskie, though he has a bedroom all to himself, sleeps (occasionally) in the garage on top of the packing envelopes, and Manon sleeps (all day and all night) in between our bed and the shelf on which Julian keeps his 'painty clothes'. Babu is Julian's mascot and lives in the studio where she is safe from Manon who hates her. She has been very upset with the builder recently because he has stolen her home. The builder does not come on Sunday....
Just how I sometimes feel-sleepy that is.
Babu reminds me of my Oscar. He had similar markings and a black spot squarely centered on his chin. I love cats. Nice piece, Julian.
Beautiful! You must have worked quickly. If I were to do a painting of one of my two cats, he or she would get up and move just before I finished.
A painting full of humanness made by a kind-hearted man.That is what I feel through all your works, Julian. This painting reminds me of John Singer Sargent's atmosphere.
Hi Julian ... I'm always tempted to comment, but definitely couldn't resist this one. As a "cat person" who has worked with tigers for the past 10 years, I appreciate the absolutely realistic and sensitive rendition of your sleeping studio companion. You're a clever man. Thank you for sharing this.
I wish I could buy this painting and Babu along with it! I love cats and your painting spoke right to my heart. I love seeing your pictures.
I'm allergic.
Sweet thing........love the paws...
Coming to France in late Oct. any chance to give a song, and meet the artist? Have wonderful friends in Paris and Reims. Let me know by email. Leaving Oct. 6th for London, return Nov.9th. LaWanda and Greg
And I'm not allergic (the other).
Julian, I just love your painting of Babu!!!
Curious. Sargent came into my mind too. As usual, a wonderment.