daily painting titled Still Life with Three Apricots and a Cup

Still Life with Three Apricots and a Cup

20cm x 12cm (8"x4¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 10 June, 2009
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Colourful like an illuminated miniature of the Middle Age reminding me of " The very rich hours of the Duke of Berry ". Shimmering.
this is just flat out gorgeous...the beautiful pottery with the three apricots. what i would call a signature julian piece.
Beautiful!a summer feast for the eyes. Chez nous, il pleut ! (normandie)
C'est magnifique Julian mais la poterie n'est pas Brueder..................................
Oh, yes, finally, something for me, too ;-) It's gorgeous, Julian!
tres booooooooooooooooooooooo mais la ceramique est pas Brueder................................
Julian- How in the world do you get the apricots to look as fuzzy as they feel? Tres peintrement (if that is the French word for "painterly")! Bartow
not a big apricot eater but after this painting, I could be persuaded--the color and luminosity of those three apricots are beyond words. I'm not sure I've seen this color from you before but it is just stunning. Thank you as usual.
One of your favorite ceramic cups that appears in many of your paintings is surely a David Garland, n'est-ce pas? I have never eaten a good apricot in the US. Only in douce France --and you captured their essence!
"painterly" = "artistiquement pictural" ?
Hy Eric It's better to eat very mature apricots; like mangoes or figs. Then they are as delectable as honey. Word of gourmand !
hey Alain--great advice and I will buy some this weekend.
Merci a vous, Alain! How is that the French language is so good at these sorts of descriptions? In America, we just say " Ooo-wee, that's purty!" And this one certainly is. Bartow