daily painting titled Cudden Point, Cornwall

Cudden Point, Cornwall

16cm x 14cm (6"x5"), oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 13 April, 2007
Posted in Marine paintings


What glorious contrasts of colors and textures. The greens, browns, and mauves are rugged, very "masculine," like wonderful Cornwall, and the variations in blues and pinks provide a more, shall I say, "feminine" side to this spectacular painting? There will be those who protest this masculine/feminine dyad, but I happen to see it and love it.

When confronted with a beautiful painting like this, it's worth reminding ourselves that the internet has a revolutionary movement of fine art returning to its purpose of pleasing the eye. Great work!

We were in Cornwall the week before you were. Your painting speaks of one of the world's great natural beauties.

I don't know Cudden Point but I've been to Mevagissey. The Cornish coast is lovely. Y ou could do worse if you have to leave France.

Looking back to the roots?
We have the same one on both sides of the Channel...