daily painting titled Jug and aubergine

Jug and aubergine

18cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 7"x5") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 13 September, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, these still lifes are simply getting better. I will look forward to seeing that old jug again.

is that one of our potager aubergines?

There is a true world as the ends of the earth, through(or into?)this reddish-orange,reddish-brown jug,worthy of a Rembrandt glowing impasto.Then suddenly,another world,made of white,blue and yellow,like a De Kooning plastered effect,appears,maybe by an open door(?)...Fortunately,the "super-natural" dark blue eggplant reassures me...But is it really the case?Its green mouth open is so disturbing.Would I have the guts to hide into the deep background in order to forget...All?Or everything here I am feeling...Is just a daydreaming?

I hope to see much more of this wonderfully richly colored jug if it inspires rich, dark paintings like this one.

Lately, I've wanted to comment on almost everything you've done. So much life and simple beauty you capture. Thank-you!! Blessings always!

Hi - I just subscribed to your postcard blog. I got to a page in archive with a ton of small thumbnails. I tried to start with the first and click on next to view them. It keeps taking me back and forth between the two first thumbnails. I am being very careful to click on next. Also when I experiment with going 'previous' (While on the second one-bridge) it takes me to the third but then back to the second. I think there is a bug...?

Lucky you.....I'd love to be let loose in one of those flea markets!....one day.

Hi Mary, 'previous' takes you backwards through the archive but the thumbnails work in reverse order, ie. right to left with the most recent painting top left, if you hover over the thumbnail it will give you the date of the execution of the painting. It's best to use the thumbnails to find a starting point but use the 'previous' 'next' butons to work backwards and forwards depending on your starting point

Yes Ruth, you grew this. How is Paris? See you on Friday.