daily painting titled Irises in a jam jar

Irises in a jam jar

18cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 25 January, 2012
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So Beautiful!!
Lovely! Someone said today that spring is 55 days away. Hmmmm. Lovely! What an uplifting painting! Thank you Julian.
I thought yesterday's painting of the garlic and bottle was very dark and I was concerned you might be ill. I am glad to see your spirits have brightened today and you've created a lovely evocation of hopefulness for us all.
Wonderful that you can make such a dark color seem happy, lighthearted and hopeful. And it's perfect that you stuck them in a jam jar; no other vase would do as well.
What a joy to see this early. Still waiting for the first little green start of a daffodil here on the "sunshine coast" Canada.
I found yellow daffodils this week and Lucy found dandelions which she blew away with large puffs. But you make me anticipate the purple iris earn more. Meanwhile we will paint our daffodils in jam jars as we did last year ( after Julian!)
I can almost smell the lovely iris, one of my favorite flowers. So lovely, Julian. Hope you, Ruth and Louis are all well.
I love the way that you are able to simplify everything. I get too caught up in the tiny details. (And I just love irises!)
So Beautiful Julian! I am so glad Ruth and Louis found these today, so you could bring them to us! Surely a wonderful sign that your year ahead is filled with joy and calm.
When I saw this painting, I said to myself, "I can't believe it." The I realized that, in Toronto in January. some bulbs have been sending up shoots. It is a beautiful painting, Julian.
I am so excited to see your paintings for the first time. My goodness your talent is truly amazing! I am very interested in your Iris painting and would like to bid $400. I am new To this so not quite sure how it works. Also i would love to have you d a few other paintings for me if you would be so kind and will pay you fairly. I would love a painting o f daisies in a jar. I would need it to be about 20" tall by about 16" wide. Please let me know if you could do this. Looking foward to hearing from you Most kindly, Cathy Rowe Trabuco Canyon, Calif
I so look forward to seeing what you'll do next. I love the loose strokes on the iris petals. They look like wings that might take flight. Lovely!
Maybe that's why the ancients called Iris the messenger of the Gods - she heralds spring ...
Here's to a calmer year, Julian! A beautiful piece of work!