daily painting titled Lucien Freud and Cremnitz White

Lucien Freud and Cremnitz White

15cm x 20cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 16 December, 2007
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I love Lucian Freud's work so I like this -- it's fun and playful. I like Julian's new subject matter: paint tubes, pencils, etc.
I will admit that I was puzzled by this painting until I read Cynthia's comment. I studied psychology in college; while I've seen Lucian's work, his is not the first name (or even the second) that comes to mind when I think of Freud. I like your "tools of the trade" paintings, Julian.
Is that a silencer on the bed or are you just pleased to see me. Tina.
Out of curiosity I looked through my copy of 'Freud at Work' to try to find feet in that position. Must be in another of his books.
The painting of which this is a small detail (seen at a right angle) is "Lying by the Rags", which is held in the Tate Gallery, London. The reproduction is in the huge monograph 'Lucien Freud'.

Cremnitz white is a very pure form of flake white which is Lucien Freud's preferred white for painting flesh: a little hommage.

For those unfamiliar with Freud's paintings he is the grandson of Sigmund and widely held as the greatest living figurative painter. There is an interesting (if annoying) interview by Charlie Rose with John Richardson (art historian) and William Acquavella (Freud's Dealer) where they talk of Freud's methods and the experience of sitting for him. Charlie Rose. Thanks Katherine
And for those interested, there is a large exhibition of Lucien Freud's work that just opened at the Museum of Modern Art on N.Y.C. A review can be found at nytimes.com this past Friday.
Hi Julian and comment writers Thanks to all who enlightened me about this painting. I was just in Paris where many of the exhibitions that I saw had pieces referrring to the process of the artist. This is my scholarly interest so I am delighted whenever I learn something about it. Happy Holidays to all. Barbara
Julien, Another new romp! I like it a lot. I have been looking at Freud since last week when a friend sent me head's up on his MOMA show...stunning playfulness in the paint both yours and Lucien's and for me a delightful discovery of a thrilling landscape on the Charlie Rose interview...bravo..and many merci's. All best, Jan
I just finished watching the Charlie Rose interview. I see what you mean by annoying. It was quite obvious that Mr. Rose is completely unfamiliar with fine art. He seemed bewildered by Freud's "fascination with nudes". The questions were pathetic. In my opinion, Richardson was the only one worth listening to. Despite all the negatives, this was an interesting interview. Thanks for posting the link.
Yes Silvina, he is amazingly stupid about it isn't he, I was almost as embarassed as John Richardson seemed to be, but as long as the guests are talking it's interesting.