daily painting titled Moroccan lemons

Moroccan lemons

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 28 February, 2015
Posted in Still life paintings


Really marvelous, julian. There's so much vitality in this painting. I feel the recharge!
Ten years in, so much pleasure in the paintings, and appreciation for you and your work. Thanks for the inspiration and the images. Thanks for sharing; I look forward to the next lemon painting!
I just love it. I want to do it just like you do it.
Julian Just wonderful! 10! You have given all of us Such gifts With your paintings. Enjoy your time. And all my best to what's ahead. Leon
Hi, great to see you back, yes, everyone needs a break once in a while. Hope you had a good time in that wonderful place. Jopie
Good to have you back Julian...much missed.. Lovely painting, love it.. And exotic Morocco....a picture at every turn, look forward...Thank you ...
Have missed your daily little jewels but am happy that you are doing well and painting in a wonderful location. Thank you for sharing your gift.
So lovely to hear from you! Made me smile. I look forward to the smell of the sea. One day I shall come and paint with you., meanwhile I am now working on my oils and achieving such pleasure from it! Regards Sarah Orchard
How grand to hear from you and that you are sending us postcards again. Have a lovely visit with your family. And thank you for the last years, look forward to the next. Great affection to you all.
So lovely to hear from you! Made me smile. I look forward to the smell of the sea. One day I shall come and paint with you., meanwhile I am now working on my oils and achieving such pleasure from it! Regards Sarah Orchard
missed seeing your work this month looking forward to the next ten years
This is wonderful?.so painterly. Can really see your fine hand in the the brushwork, and your joy in the colors! I've been following your daily painting blog for years?and have been inspired by your work. All the best, Mary Jo
Happy 10th anniversary!
A milestone to be proud of. What an achievement, and good for you for making the time to take care of yourself. Also, heartfelt thanks to everyone around you who helps make it all possible; so very much appreciated.
Dear Julian, I have yet to meet you but your work has been an inspiration to me, you are one of just a handful of artists whose work so moves me. I am looking forward to taking a workshop with you in the next few years. Congratulations on your anniversary. I wish you continued success. It won't be a problem. Best Regards, Garry
!0 years! Congratulations, Julian. And I have been following you for just as long. I cannot believe it, but this morning I realized we have not heard of seen anything from you in quite a while and was beginning to get a bit worried.....then this gorgeous painting showed up. Thank you and enjoy.
Great to have you back Julian. Been looking at your pictures for 9 out of the 10 years! They are wonderful.
A lovely and dramatic painting painted with flair - and such a nice surprise to receive it. Huge congratulations for 10 years of postcards, what an impressive achievement. They are consistently brilliantly painted and a joy to follow!
Cheers and best wishes that the next ten bring fascination, intrigue, and joy in all you do. Looking forward to seeing it all and perhaps an opportunity to share a glass or two. Enjoy!
It is so nice to have you back - I don't call producing commission work much of a break, so take it easy and enjoy yourself now and then. Wonderful wonderful work as always.
Love your work and so look forward to meeting you!
Worth the wait.
Congratulations on a wonderful body of work! Thank you for the gift and inspiration of your daily posts and I wish continued visits of the Art spirit over the next ten years.
Hooray and welcome back!
I was just thinking of you again last night, Julian, and I'm so happy to see your newest painting. I have revisited your archive of past paintings more than once since your absence. Congratulations on ten years! This painting is rich with color and so beautiful. Thanks, Julian.
I just returned from Morocco (on a Smithsonian tour). Am thrilled with memories of the Moroccan people I met and the photographs I brought home that capture the country's colors--the dessert sun, the light hitting the homes made of clay, the mosaics, agave silks, rugs, ceramics, tea glasses, leather goods, the wildflowers, foods, and spices, the women's caftans, even the laundry hanging out to dry everywhere. I am interested to see your take on Morocco. What a perfect combination of beauty!
It's been a privilige to have followed you for the last 8 years. Your painting is wonderful and has helped me so much with mine. Thank you.
Thought you had gone for ever with your Wonderful paintings! Wonderful Moroccan lemons, how great to have your postcards coming again. Really missed them!
It is like if the sun has entered my house ! Radiant. Could you be my travel agent and recommend me where to stay in Essouira ? Monique
Make a break is also Goodyear tout have New idea tout painting.
Make a break is also Goodyear tout have New idea tout painting. Have nice hollidays
Congratulations on the 10-year anniversary, Julian. I have been observing, enjoying and occasionally managing to buy your postcard paintings for nearly as many years. What a ride it's been - and I look forward to the next 10 years. Mahrhaba. Enjoy Morocco.
Who can explain it? I arrived at your P From P late, and really enjoy receiving them, not really knowing why but woke up today and thought I had not heard from you... Then Bingo... the magical, painterly lemons smile at me. Congratulations on your 10 years, and the next you are a terrific inspiration to many.
Many congratulations Julian. We've never met but I consider your regular posts as those from a friend. Each picture provides inspiration and an object lesson for the rest of us humble working "daubers" - irrespective of our own preferred subjects and media. I recommend all of my students (regardless of medium) to look at your techniques and compositions. Thank you for such an inspiring project and such a body of terrific work. M.
Ten years in! You deserve a break. I've enjoyed your "Postcards" and the beautiful progression of work - I look forward to many more years. Take care.
Many years ago while having lunch I opened up the NYT Art section...my favorite and read an article about this wonderful artist in Provence. Then I bought your lovely book. What a journey you have been on. Here's to many, many more !
Dear Julian, thrilled to see you back!!I was beginning to reflect on the sad fact that all good things come to an end and wondered could the ink bottle have been your last postcard? (I don't mean your last painting!) This mysterious green, blue and glowing yellow painting tells me all is well. To steep ones mind in the sounds, scents and colour of an exotic culture is a great way to refresh and expand ones ideas. I remember how great an effect Marrakesh had on me in the seventies, never forgotten the incredible sights. The turquoise tiles and green bowl, the probably highly scented lemons, are pulsing with energy and has this great earthy, artless quality I have come to associate with your paintings. Have a wonderful break! Try to get to Fes! Anna.
What a divine surprise tonight! Enchanting painting.
Julian, Happy to see you have resurfaced and feeling refreshed. Vous nous manquiez!
Julian, it is great to have you back!!! Just seeing your latest work, reminds me of what you taught me....be bold with your strokes!! Thank you!!!
Apparently a break provided a super charge of visual energy as this is exceptionally beautiful. Being in a strange, new environment allows us to "see with new eyes"? I sure hope you have ample opportunity to soak up all that exotic flavor and color as no one could interpret it and send it's back into the world with more verve than you Julian. Stella