daily painting titled Chemin de Croution

Chemin de Croution

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 24 June, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


It looks very lovely and peaceful where you live. Nice painting, Julian.
Is that really what's in the distance? That's so romantic!
I love this one, Julian. I really like the color/value contrast, those fluffy, white grasses in the lower right, the whole building up of layers of landscape into the distance, the curve of the road, and especially the power line pole. You always seem to have some mark of human habitation in your landscapes which make them relate to me somehow. Cheers, Susan
A most satisfying balance of.......everything! Love it!
I love that sky!
Love seeing the underpainting on this one, Julian. Good stuff!
splendid !
As the painting defines ranges of movement alternating with areas of stillness, the telephone pole is also a recap of this alternation: segment of "quietness"(continuous segments of paste) and segment of "motion"(intermittent paste crossing the sky). The leaning position of the telephone pole also participates in the motion effect noticeable on the left side of the latter: the swirling effect of the sky through the gap of the foliage on the left versus the quiet sky on the right side. Lively "Chemin de Croution" that makes me want to caper about wildly!
I want to be on that road...nice! :)
That looks really familiar and oh my gosh - in a couple weeks it will be ONE YEAR since I last laid eyes on a scene like that. Beautiful, Julian. Love and wistful memories to your and yours from under the Oregon summer (?) rain... ?