daily painting titled Baguette no.3

Baguette no.3

16cm x 13cm, oil on board

One of three Baguette paintings



I love the idea of "Fixed Price Fridays"!
Yes please! More bread (oranges, cherries, wine, whiskey, cheesseeeeeee) and Fixed Fridays!
It Is your website. .do what ever you please.. I like idea of sales on Friday.
I think fixed price Friday is a great idea. I have about five of your little ones . I love looking at your work whenever I see it online and I think it’s all just wonderful.
Seriously. I bake an artisan sourdough loaf from my own starter twice a week. Hate to admit, but your bread looks even better than my gorgeous, crusty bread. Just wonderful. I’m challenged to paint one of my own loaves. Thank you Julian, for another work of inspiration!

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