daily painting titled Track through poppies

Track through poppies

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 15 June, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


This seems like a very high key painting for you, Julian, even if it is just a study. I do hope you will show us your very large painting when you finish it. That is really exciting!
Lovely painting xx
Hey, you guys - Come to New England where there are lots of good stuff to paint. Louie would love it and Nora and I could show you a really good time! Say yes!
Love that orange! Such great expression in the brush strokes. Very nice!
Dear Julian, this landscape is like a warm embrace, or, if you are so inclined,a prayer of thanks. After the initial breathless moments, soaking up the beautiful vista, bordered by the blue mountains, my eye is drawn to the central shape, the old mazet (wondering about life there, past and present) with it's light reflecting tiled roof. Then the cadmium red? poppy field and the exclamation marks of the dark cypresses,the two elements that are keeping the yin and yang of the composition. Would look stunning painted large!
Your brushstrokes Julian Are like footprints Your footprints Your poppies yes yours Are like a sweet bleeding The track flows out Like a vegetal river The white roof resonates with The procession of white clouds And the hills in the distance All of a sudden Look like waves of happiness Happiness,happiness... A track through Happiness.
yummy was the word that first sprang to mind! just yummy. I was delighted to read that you are working on a 36" studio version because the thought I had after the "yummy" thought was, "I want to see all those delicious strokes BIG!" Rob's growth as a painter is still amazing. He is painting almost every day. He used to be a lawyer but now is an "artiste"! I have returned my focus to birthing the book I have been writing and illustrating called "Relationship Physics, An Illustrated Manual of How Relationships Work" Life is good. We miss you and think of returning for another go. Interested in your rental house as well. We encourage you, Ruth, and Louie to consider Vermont (the Provence of the USA) as a get away destination. Writers and painters are interspersed in them thar hills. Fabulous landscape for plein air. August in Vermont is heaven. We rent there for August and first half of Sept.
I think a book of some of Julian's paintings coupled with Alain's comments would be very touching and beautiful.