daily painting titled Bearded iris

Bearded iris

16cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 12 April, 2011
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Bon voyage,and good luck.
Three soft, purple petals possibly protect and house a tiny insect under a golden blanket edged with white ribbons. I will be thinking of you, Julian and Ruth as you journey to meet Louis and bring him home. Bon chance!!!!!
Beautifully Done. Congratulation with Louis Joseph. What a precious gift. Hope to see a photo in the near future. Have a great trip. Birgit
Wishing you safe travels and may your journey be one of grace-filled blessings.
I hope you'll have a chance to paint the pale blue ones. I'll be missing some of the irises at our house, too. But I hope to make it back for some of the fancy late blooming pink ones. Please tell your little boy hello from one of your fans in Tennessee.
What wonderful news of a new baby. Now we can look forward to lots of paintings of Louis Joseph too. Wish much joy to the three of you.
I love the deep purple ones...so fragrant! I am gathering from your message that you will be adopting a child from Mali? How wonderful! Best wishes to you, Ruth and Louis Joseph from California. Lucky boy! I can't wait to see paintings of him.
I was literally moved by your news of the arrival of Louis Joseph. What a lucky boy. Safe trip! (and God Bless). Maureen from N.J.
This looks like a birth announcement to me. How this will change you, three soon. Will you still do your dailies? All remains to be seen. Very wonderful. Ah,life!
Wishing many blessings, for the lovely little family! Love the iris!
May you have safe travels bringing your son home. Yours in art, Pamela
I just ordered Ruth book.So looking forward. About the new journey...I am enchanted with your life choices!
good luck and a kiss on the cheek for Louis Joseph from me.
The arrival of Louis Joseph is an occasion for great rejoicing and thanksgiving. May you three continue to be blessed.
With so many lovely words of blessing and good wishes, please let me add mine. May all the love and blessings carry you so happily through the next few weeks and months. So much to learn about each other, all three! I also wish to add a kiss to Louis Joseph's welcome home.
Beautiful Julian! Such a rich color. I smiled when I read your wonderful news about your precious new gift to be. Louis is such a lucky boy! Wishing you and Ruth many blessings with your new addition and safe travels. May your next few months together be filled with love and joyfulness! Congrats!
Best wishes as you gather Louis Joseph into your arms and bring him home. What a precious gift!
Best wishes to you, Ruth, and Louis Joseph, and safe travels.
We all anxiously await for your and Ruth's safe return with Louis Joseph. Many blessings.
great iris picture. may you be blessed on your trip to Mali and may little Louis lead a long and joyful life with you!
I started off loving the paintings, I bought the book, now I'm vicariously living the life! Without doubt the best thing I've ever used the internet for. Beats doing the Tesco online shopping! How strange for me, - and judging by the other comments, many others, to be so moved and happy for people they will never meet. I imagine it's a bit of an unreal experience for you and Ruth too, Julian? I wish you both great joy with your new little boy and look forward to reading about his progress along with the paintings ? love the iris btw.
Joy, joy! Much love and every good wish to you both as you become three - such wonderful and happy news! So looking forward to 'meeting' your new arrival. Safe journey :o) x
mes voeux de bonheur julian & Ruth - je ne vous connais qu'au travers de vos peintures et blogs, mais vous m'avez emue par votre choix et donc je me joins a tous vos admirateurs pour vous souhaiter une vie heureuse et pleine de decouvertes a trois.
So very happy for you and Ruth. What a wonderful new life the three of you will have. Much love and luck!
Hii ! You have inspired me to begin a daily painting. My family is a grown, so I have 5 lovely memories of little ones chattering and toddling. Now we have 11 grandchildren past the baby stage, and even adults. You will be sooooo enamored with Louis' every move, with his skin and eyes and need for your warmth and love. I have enjoyed all your paintings and look forward to each one. They are treasures and the reason to open up the computer every morning with your comments. Reveille.
A wonderful climax to your notes: Louis Joseph. I wish you a homecoming filled with iris and a life filled with love.
Congratulations and your new little blessing,Louis Joseph. Safe travels and blessings on your new life with your son. Thank you for the posts, I enjoy each painting. Will we see a painting of Louis?
I cant wait for Louis Joseph to get home . I love him already. Your site has given me so much pleasure. thank you. And now a baby. Have a wonderful life. peggy