daily painting titled Hot peppers

Hot peppers

12.5cm x 15cm (5"x6"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 7 October, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, you have given birth to these hot red peppers! It seems that they are coming to life. My goodness,they move,like the snakes in the hair of the Gorgon Medusa,sculpted by Lorenzo Bernini!Impressive.
Edges to die for. Highlights that dance. Alain's comment is wonderfully true.
I look forward to Alain's witty comments. These peppers are truly worthy.
Excellent work , Julian. I'll bet you are getting paid on a regular basis. I am . I like seeing your no tricks classical painting. I find it very inspiring. I have a series of fall paintings , in progress. They are selling well. Small works,recession sizes and recession prices. Art is selling well in Denver. Bob Ragland
a swoop of fireworks, a wave of brilliance, an explosion of enthusiam ....these little babies are HOT!!
I thought her lips looked like cherries, like everything about her, a mistake of sweet for pain. I wouldn't have missed those lips for the world. YOUCH that hurts... do it again. (a poor replacement for Alain, who seems to be thinking about it)
I love the vibrant red of the peppers, the light on them and the upward and downward ellipsis. I have just learned about the ellipsis in art via an article in the NY Times. Alain is correct, as he so often is, in noting the movement in the image.