daily painting titled First cherries

First cherries

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 15 May, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Dear Julian,so here they are,the first cherries! The colour is perfection in it's deep, purplish glossiness and just look at the little blue high light on the cherry closest to the foreground. You have captured the magic! Anna.
Oh yummy!
You are always able to capture the real nature of your subjects! My mouth is watering as if I can taste these yummy cherries...thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.
These are just asking for a cherry pie to be made! How many cherries were there at the start ?, I bet a few didn't make the final picture.
Always look forward to receiving your 'postcard' and marvel each time at your skill...if the painting of cherries was hung on a wall near an open window , birds would surely come and peck at them......sooooo realistic!
Hi Julian: I have your book, and your wife's book. When I saw your work, I was spellbound. I do not want to take away from Duane, but I find your work superior, I find a deep emotional quality in yours every time, and only sometimes in Duanes. But I am happy that you found him, and found your calling through him. K