daily painting titled Porte Guerin, Crillon-le-Brave

Porte Guerin, Crillon-le-Brave

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 17 February, 2017
Posted in Landscape paintings


Fingers crossed. Beautiful painting!
This is again quite beautiful..especially on a rainy day in New Zealand! Fingers crossed for your self portrait..you mean that enigmatic..you will never know what I am actually thinking one??Good luck!
It is a beautiful Self portrait! One of many you have done. Good Luck
Hi Julian , nice composition , beautifully painted. Kudos on the portrait, I don't believe in luck to wish it , but I do believe in your talent as an artist. You have an excellent eye for composition , colour and value , I think you're a shoe in! Craig
Hi, Julian! Whenever your postcard arrives, I look at it before any other e-mail. They are wonderful. We have your book which we got very soon after it was published. I wished I could draw and paint and attend one of your workshops at la Madelene. Sad to read there is only one last one left to take place there. Your description of the place was so tempting. Fingers and toes crossed. All your self-portraits have been superb. As another message said ,,, yours should be a shoe in. Yet nothing is ever a "sure thing". When will the jury meet so that we can send "good vibes"??
Lovely light! And fingers crossed!
I was glad to see another postcard arrive,...quickly opened up the image and smiled.Thanks for the warm light;I feel it here in cold grey Connecticut. Best of luck on the competition.
Wonderful news about your portrait....holding thumbs for you! I will be in London in the summer to see the exhibition so I do hope I get to see it in the flesh! Best of luck Julian.
Congratulations! It's certainly a fabulous painting!
Fingers' Crossed..... Lovely Pic.
Good luck for the compétition Evelyn
Good luck on the BP Award, would be great to win that!
Julian... So exciting! Lots of positivity being sent your way. I have one of your Night Portrait prints, and your submitted piece is another triumph in its own right. Would be wonderful if this was recognised in such a prestigious way. Bon chance! Liz :)
No such thing as a shoo-in for the BP, but best of British luck! Your paintings warm up the Irish winter gloom every day.
How wonderful to have reached the last hurdle in the BP portrait competition. I feel very excited for you and will certainly keep my fingers crossed.
Congratulations on the BP .......fingers and toes crossed for you. Always love seeing your paintings ! Sad to hear it's your last workshop at la Madalene , it was fabulous .
That's SO GREAT, Julian! I wish you luck! I'm loving these architectural landscapes.
That is very exciting news, and well deserved. Good luck!
Very excited for you Julian. Fingers are crossed. Amazing talent in how you can shift perspective and show so much humanity in your beautifully painted self portrait. Much luck.
Beautiful painting! Also admired your latest self-portrait. Fingers, toes, arms, and eyes all crossed.
Your self- portraits are so good. Could you make another book of them? I'm first in line for one. And I'm hoping for the BP prize for you. Thanks for the pleasure you bring to my life. Cheers, Fanny
Fingers crossed, Julian! And congratulations on the current unfolding :-)
All the best with the competition! Your self portraits are amazing so well deserved.
Every good wish Julian. You are a very talented artist and fully deserve to win a major competition. I do look forward to your paintings,they brighten my day.
I was glad to see another postcard arrive,...quickly opened up the image and smiled.Thanks for the warm light;I feel it here in cold grey Connecticut. Best of luck on the competition.
marvelous painting as always, Julian! Best of luck in the competition!!
Julian, that's so exciting! Well done, a great achievement to get this far, and all the very very best for the next bit!