daily painting titled Night portrait with baseball cap

Night portrait with baseball cap

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 18 February, 2013
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Julian, I always love your self-portraits, but this one is especially endearing, and not just for the baseball cap. You look so young and serious, very different from your usual Wacky Art Professor image. Fun! And bon anniversaire! (did I get that right?)
So very young you are, yet so accomplished an artist!
Happy Birthday you painter. You're a welcome sight each day at my computer. Thanks for inspiring me. LaWanda
Julian, I always love your self portrait paintings but this one is just fantastic. So different with the dark palette. Love it! Bye the way you are just a baby at 54. Enjoy it!
Terrific. Wish I could make a self-portrait for my birthday (in January). Hope you had a fine celebration.
Fifty-four? You're a spring chicken as the backwards baseball cap and clear-eyed glance well proves!
You look great! A wonderful self portrait !
Happy Day of your BIRTH!!! We are all lucky for this gift to the world. You look like a very serious teenager..almost. I would want to talk to you at any gathering. Oh dear, sorry, Ruth. I better stop. Too much hero-worshipping here. Oh well, it's all about being alive, right? I just reread this and I feel silly..but, nice for a 73 year old to feel on a wintry day. Karen Erickson from cold NYC
Your portrait is really excellent. And excellent too, is the happy chance to read - even sometimes to see - another extreme of who you are. Saskia and three of Rembrandt's children died young; the Master took another partner as Titus grew up. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to glimpse such evidences of his other reality? I suspect we're looking at a new, more complete, kind of history in the making. It's great. Happy Birthday young man!!
Monday 18 February,1941 (the twilight zone),the war was raging in Europe. The airman sir Julian Merrow Smith,an English pilot officer during the Second World War,is ready to go on a special wartime assignment.He is very aware of the inherent risks of his perilous mission.I seem to hear him beseeching:" Provided I get back home because I love so much my spouse,my little boy and all my fans.Oh I hear the nervous sound of my loyal twin engine plane named "P'tit Louis"! Okay,it's the right time to go! O my God,spare me!But I am not afraid." -God bless,Julian! We heartily hope that you will come back.We need you". And he came back.
Marvelous and happy birthday! LOVE the light, there is so much drama in this one
I love your honesty! Don't be concerned at 54, i am rapidly approaching 85 and I treasure every moment that I live I will soon be 85 and iI am painting better every day . I was thrilled to find tour site you will never know how many aspiring artists are influenced by your work. As a plein aire painter I love most your landscapes. They inspire me to study each one intently so as to better my efforts. So happy Birthday and keep painting so others may better themseves.
happy birthday julian. another pisces! my 80th to come in two weeks...maybe i'll get a cap to wear backwards...so youthful! i wish you a grand year ahead. with thanks for being part of my life. grace
Oh goodness Julian, 54 is so NOT old my 3 daughters are ages: 48,50 and 51 I will be 71 on July 11 at 4:05 am and I still prune trees, climb on the roof to patch shingles, drive my own car, dance etc etc...you are only as young or old as you feel would add a photo but no place ...I am on FB and yes it is to me with brown hair and hazel eyes... I learned a long time ago from Ma to always be young and chase ant troubles away....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a lovely painter
Happy Birthday Julian! Enjoy your special day! You are so special......giving us all such a wonderful gift in your emails each day. The lighting in your self portrait is spectacular. Etta Yeary
Happy Birthday Julian. Love the self portrait! Thank you for sharing your daily paintings. I look forward to them every day. Have a beautiful day. Francine
Happy Birthday, Julian and such a wonderful self portrait!
Very debonair, in my opinion. You look strong and confident, Julian. May your birthday be joyous and grateful. I have you beat by a few years, and it's no big deal.
Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Julian. I absolutely love this self portrait. As a long time subscriber to your postcards, I wish you the very best 54th.
A youngster....clearly! Happy Birthdat
A youngster...clearly! Happy Birthday
54! Many, many more years of paintng ahead of you Julian! Besides, it's only a number (although I understand that it can feel scary at times, as I'll be 54 this year too and realise the years seem to slip by too quickly)yet it's how we feel that really matters. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Julian : ) Your paintings are a daily joy to me and so many others. As soon as I saw this portrait I thought 'Hockney X Depp!!' That will either cheer or depress, I hope the former!! x
Excellent portrait! But 54? A mere child, at least from my 89 years! I so enjoy your postings with all the beautiful fruit and the meanderings about the countryside. It really does take me back to Provence - and that is nice with winter swirling about here!
Wonderful self portrait (not to mention all your other great artwork)! Wish you a very happy day, and year to follow. All best.
Julian, Surely, this is a portrait of you painted by Rembrandt! (You must have been channeling him while painting this!) And a VERY Happy Birthday, even though belatedly.
Julian, 54 is still young! And what does it matter whey you and your family are ageless. Your work, as well. It is always a joy to see "Postcard from Provence" in my inbox - I simile even before the page opens. Thanks for sending your wonderful paintings so often. Happy Birthday!
I went to the main page that shows your self portrait. When I clicked on it to enlarge it the difference was amazing! The dark gray background color that filled my screen made your painting so much more colorful and impressive. Maybe you should use the same background color at the top of the page around all of your paintings in the future. Happy Birthday!
You're a child! Wait 'til you're 70! Imagine the marvelous work you hve created and will create in the future!
Happy Birthday Julian. I hope you all enjoyed a lovely birthday meal. I love getting your daily emails with your gorgeous work. From chilly western Massachusetts, Kristin
Wonderful portrait. I look forward to opening your email every day. It makes my day and makes me strive to be a better painter. Thanks. Lola
Hi Julan, lovely , expressive and personal. I like the depht of it. Anyhow just wont to say wait till you are 68 ; than you can say jeeeks or whatever! 54 it's kid play. All the Best to you and Family, Mariano