daily painting titled Rose


20cm x 12cm (8"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 22 September, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Pure poetry !!!
Absolutely stunning delicacy.
Fragile relaxation.
Who knew a rose could have a gesture! I love the deep orange almost hidden by the shambles of petals. I can almost feel the fragile, wilted, silken petals and the sharp spike of the thorn. Again so very tactile.
Really sweet
There are so many kinds of realism in painting - some seems almost synthetic, think this is just the opposite.
How do you do these paintings so quickly?? I am amazed!!
Soft, graceful, lush, sad. Breathtaking!
Balletic, elegantly feminine without being cute or coy.. a total wonderful surprise in the mailbox. Thank you Julian for another visual adventure!
Texture you can feel! Love this rose.
I am painting single flowers also. It's a Zen thing with me. See the rose paintings of Richard Schmid. Solid work as usual Sincerely, Bob Ragland
just delightful!