daily painting titled Upstream


22 cm x 16cm, oil on board (approx 8½"x6") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 24 August, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Julian, just beautiful - so cool and fresh, I can almost hear the water bubbling along and the rustling of the leaves. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
how mesmerizing....love it even more than all yr greens of yesterday. cant own it but maybe a print someday???at least it goes in my save pile. thanks so much...gfs
I swam in rivers like this as a child in Australia - can feel the water on my skin just looking at it. How you manage to make it look so wet and shady eludes me, but it's beautiful.
This was really nice, loved the purple touches and was just so well done. Definitely a keeper.
OMG! Your most brilliant yet Julian. Complete and utter food for the soul. I can feel the dappled sunlight on my shoulders as I wade ankle deep in the cool stream. Your book arrived last week and I almost forgot to eat for the day!! Thankyou julian.
Judging by the comments on this and other recent landscapes you have done, viewers are pulled into the scene; they can imagine themselves in the in a river or on a road; each may create a personal narrative. This is due to the talent of the painter and is a momentary escape for your followers.
Julian, This one is a beauty. Fanny
Hello Julian, You really captured the coolness in the shade a long the river , its delightful . I admire the use of your greens . in all your paintings great variety of greens. What are your favorit colors to mix greens ? Or is it a secret ? You obviously love paintings with a lot of variety of greens and are an expert mixing them. I so enjoy receiving your postcards! Thanks Evelyne
What a lovely sense of dappled light in the cool shade! It has a strong abstract appeal yet with a definite sense of place.
You continue to amaze me with your talent for capturing what you are after. You made me want to visit this place.
Hi Julian ! I really don't like picking out details, but I have to say to say that the precise outlines of those roots into the heat & light contrasted with all that soft fading into it is really fantastic.
Julian - I subscribe to 3 daily posts and all, including yours, had similar subject matter today. But- as always, yours was the standout. The difference - the light, the light, the light. Thank you.
Abundant and full of life!
Julian This one is a master work! Phenominal. Elizabeth