daily painting titled Peeled clementine

Peeled clementine

20cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 8"x5") Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Sunday 15 January, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Gorgeous lights,cryptic shadows. Geometrical complexities. All is more true than true. And more, poetically true.
Beautiful, dimensional, how the subject projects itself out from the darkness.
thanks julian, for the answer. perhaps that is why i noticed it, an attachment to the past. (have plenty of cookbooks if you'd like some? g.
It's good that a part of your cupboard lives on. Brave cupboards deserve a reincarnation or so... especially when they can host a glowing clementine.
It's so beautifully presented I can hardly take my eyes off of it. Jeannine
OMG! This is absolutely stunning! Although I love your faces...I have to say, that this one, is my all time favourite Julian!! Thanks!
Just a beauty Julian! I really look forward to seeing these bits of heaven. Thanks!
Clementines are a versatile fruit. They surprise you because they never peel the same way. Therefore, they make terrific subjects for a painting. Just think of the way their colour presents in the light and the possibilities of painting the peels, They are handy snacks when you are on the move or painting. Even if you get really sour ones as I did recently, you can use them when you are cooking. I hope, Julian, that you can replace your favourite cookbooks or get a thrill from getting and using new and different ones. We all have those we wish that we had not purchased.
Julian this painting is beautiful, looks so juicy.!! "Beauty from Ashes" Tish.
Julian: In a word this painting is "luscious!"
This really is spectacular!!
Fantastic volume, palpable texture. Once again thanks for doing the impossible.
Love the movement in this. Peeled just a moment ago. Refreshing.
Lumineuse clémentine sur fond de suie et de cendres... Superbe !
A really great painting one of my favourite ones for sure
It's hard to take my eyes off this painting. It seems to have a depth that I want very much to understand. Such beautiful simplicity, and yet so mysterious and complex... The three pears...the pumpkin...now this peeled clementine... I would have loved purchasing these paintings to study them more closely. Lovely! Elizabeth