daily painting titled Still Life with Red Pears and Knife on a French Cloth

Still Life with Red Pears and Knife on a French Cloth

17cm x 12cm (6¾"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 10 March, 2009
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Oh, that towel with the blue stripe! I *love* it!
I appreciate the distortion of realness about the blade of the table knife cut by the half a pear. It is for me reminiscent of Cezanne when he did the same with the sides of a table cut by a tablecloth. Freedom of the artist.
Some nice slippery brushwork Julien. Sweet
I like it Julian. But this is too much light. Maybe a bit more shadow and I might bid.
(Seriously? --comments like that would make me disable comments altogether.)
This is a beautiful painting I totally disagree with the last comment.The shadows are perfect.
I didn't think too much light was possible! Beautiful painting.
steve and alastair, don't fret. i THINK anonymous coward was making a joke in 'light' of a comment on yesterdays painting......?
I am very interested in how artist's employ light. Today's painting and yesterday's are excellent illustrations of the strategies an artist can use to make paintings that have a very different impact. Both are very 'poetic'.
Wow, I should have reread my comment. I hope it makes sense!
Of course your comment makes sense; I wholly agree with you. Chiorascuro yesterday, in the light of day today. Two options in the History of Art. Two ways of painting but " both are very poetic".
Let's not forget that Julian's Web site is called "shiftinglinght"! His usages of light and shadows is simply unsurpassed. I have been particularly interested in the comparisons made between his art and Le Nain's, and even more so to the references made to Morandi and other still life painters in the history of art. Bravo, Julian!!! You never cease to amaze me!
Beautiful painting! The ribbon of blue color makes it sing.