daily painting titled Lady Bank's roses in a silver goblet

Lady Bank's roses in a silver goblet

19cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 11 April, 2014
Posted in Flower paintings


I think this is just fabulous. I am not a huge still life/flower painting fan but your still life's and flowers are just exceptional. This is so beautifully rendered.Time well spent!

Absolutely Beautiful Julian! Love it!

Doesn't look at all abandoned to me! Very lovely.

Oh gorgeous. I love the container

We'll done, friend!

I wish you could have heard my intake of breath when I just opened this. Spectacular....and wonder if because of the color against the dark background. And the abandon (???) with which you painted the roses. And the highlight on the silver. Thank you, thank you, Julian. Grace

that rapidly fading light helped you make the right quick decisions Julian, this is beautiful and so descriptive. A real feeling of sumptuous colour but in actuality quite a modest palette.


Beautiful work !


A glorious painting, what fluidity in your brushwork.

Dear Julian, gorgeous,sometimes fast work with no time to dither produces the best results, this is so elegant but without being at all precious. The yellow, exuberant soft blooms are tempered by the cool, silvery greys (with some stunning high lights)of the goblet and mocha brown background. Echoes of Fantin Latour.

When some of the flowers,turned into circling butterflies, are gathering nectar...And soon,if we wait a little, I am sure all the flowers will become lively butterflies, so the title of the painting as if by magic, will be: "Bunch of Lemon butterflies in a silver goblet"...Then the background will turn into a Van Goghian blue sky, and the table a Berthe Morisot emerald green meadow...And we will hear the song of the little birds warbling...And the goblet will turn into a vibrating cello.And.......

Truly magnifi scent, yes I can smell the roses.

Another brilliant painting Julian.