daily painting titled Clementines in a blue bowl

Clementines in a blue bowl

30cm x 20cm (12"x 8"), oil on panel



Just stunning! It literally took my breath away.
Just beautiful. Merry Christmas!
Julian, It's a beautiful painting. Makes me want to see it in person, as I know how much richer it would be. I love the ones I have. Thank you for all of them.
Dear Julian, As you may (possible, but not sure how likely) know, I love your work madly. I bought the book of your paintings and almost made it to one of your summer workshops this past summer. I'm still hoping to get to one. I save and print out your daily paintings as well, and have quite a collection. Little miniature gems. They brighten up my day and inspire my own work. How lucky we are to have you and your endearing works in our daily lives. fran zak
What a beautiful painting! Colours are stunning in their contrasts. Love it Julian.
You are amazing! Thanks for keeping us able to view such beautiful work. Merry Xmas! LaWanda