daily painting titled Head of garlic

Head of garlic

21cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 8"x5") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 11 August, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


You geek Julian, the lightbox is terrific. The garlic is such an elegant study in whites, so tactile and serene.
Love this study in white. So enjoy getting your postcards. I'm a student in training. One of these days I hope to do a painting I'm pleased with!! --Barbara
Your paintings in my inbox are an inspiring start to my day. The garlic painting is luscious.
Julian, Your still life paintings and your portrait studies are my favorites of your work. This lone garlic is superb!
Very very nice. Did Louis get it for dinner?
Chalky wall,creamy skin,velvety light. Enchanting!
Brilliant! Like having googleartproject on your website. amazing painter and tech wizard...
This is wonderful! Thanks for doing the lightbox effect for all of us that lust after your beautiful paintings!!
Merci tellement Julian, pour ce petit bonheur presque quotidien. La lightbox est un merveilleux cadeau et que je vous envie votre talent !
so grateful for the daily sharing of your work AND words....a delight and I always feel it is such a personal sharing, we all are indeed fortunate to have the experience....THANKS, CHEERS shelley
so etheral and so graceful like a ballet dancer.... thank you as always gfs
Once again, less is more. Thanks Julian. Bernie
Great stuff! Thanks. I also appreciate the chance to the brush strokes.
Thanks, Julian. Congratulations on the new tech so we can enjoy the larger view! Your paintings are very inspiring indeed.
A great effect - I love it - good to see clearer detail and the black background really works.
The lightbox facility was made for your pictures! Merci bien.
Julian, your still lifes are always so tangible. I really enjoy all the work you do. Question: Do you work on a colored ground? Again, thank you for sharing. Linda McCann
Brilliant! Best painting of a garlic EVER!
Hi Linda, no I usually start on a white ground but for this, as an example, I washed in a mixture of burnt sienna/ultramarine over the board leaving only the highlight untouched and then worked into that. I use alkyd colours for the wash stage thinned with turps and things dry pretty quickly here, so I can usually start working opaque paint over that straight away.