daily painting titled Confit pot, tomato and garlic

Confit pot, tomato and garlic

13cm x 18cm, oil on panel (approx 5"x7") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 14 September, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Love the blue sky highlight and those wonderful lost edges. The composition too. This might be my favorite still life yet!
Interesting that your tomatoes and onions are much taller than ours in Texas, which tend to be more wide than tall.I bet they both taste great. Our best season is nearly ending as the summer is usually the best.
Julian, it must be fun finding these treasures and anticipating how you're going to paint them. It makes me think there's so much more to the whole process than 'just' the painting. Your paintings invite me to really look. Thank you! I like the conversation between the objects, and the way the vivid green is balanced by the red of the tomato, which could have looked garish if it wasn't that gorgeous rich, ripe, earthy shade.
How odd,Julian...But when last night I was trying to sleep,I suddenly saw in front of me,the famous painting of Nicolas Poussin,"The judgement of the king Salomon"!In a flash of...Lucidity,I found the equivalences regarding the psychological meaning with your painting:The garlic with its clearly visible crown atop of its stalk was Salomon,the pepper-green pot,so uppity,the woman who lied,and the "tomato-woman",so shy,the woman who said the truth.The sloping movement,so subtle of the garlic,so close to the tomato,was eloquent enough as to the happy denouement.After that,I was sleeping peacefully.With a flicker of a smile.
The green is sublime you have captured the garlic so very well. can almost smell here in Aust. thank you.