daily painting titled Paysage a Crillon-le-Brave

Paysage a Crillon-le-Brave

16cm x 13cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 31 January, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


This one looks more hazy, as if the weather were beginning to change. I have a friend who lives in Marseille and she was "banging on," as you say Ruth does, about her mimosa tree. This one looks more Impressionistic.... Am having grest fun reading your friend's Metamorphositis (or something like that) blog! Thanks for telling me about him.

Julian adds.. metamorphosism.com , well worth a bookmark. jms
I would love to go walking right into this frame. How absolutely scrumptious...part memory part wish. All best, Jan
I don't like it!
It's beautiful. I must look around at your work.
Per, maybe you should take a few moments, or an hour or so, to walk through 806 paintings in the archive section. I think you like it then! I like the mood in the painting and the roughness of the strokes, the colors and the simplicity. This is not a painting you'll do in two hours, it takes 806 paintings to make this one. Well done, Julian. Without knowing, you're a great teacher!
The colours are exactly January, and are those uprights snow sticks ? I remember from living in Norway that posts were put up to guide the snow plow along the country roads. regards. Vonnie
I just love this one, Julian. It's dynamic, juicy and those purple/browns are divine.