daily painting titled Afternoon shadows

Afternoon shadows

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 10 May, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Exquisite light and shadow.

Hi Julian ,
very nice painting, also what a beautiful place you choose to live!Regards

Hello Julian,

I have never responded before,but look forward to your daily posts and wonderful paintings.
I have fond memories of my month in Provence, in 2002. We got to know the neighbors, and the butcher!

I have just returned home from a friends funeral and saw your latest posting today, which cheered me up immensely. Just the tranquil site you painted so beautifully was helpful.

Thank you,
Joyce Reber


heartbreakingly beautiful! Thank you.
And I cannot wait for more poppies to show up!!

Sorry I haven't responded to your lovely paintings lately - on vacation and days have been busy. I loved that blue bottle you painted a few days ago; just one lone bottle but such an utterly complete painting! I love how you do that with a subject - simple, not overdone, yet complete.

And today's picture is so soothing; again it's another one that you almost feel the sunshine overhead. I love the touch of blue sky along with the red of the lovely poppies. I would love to be able to paint like you, Julian.

If I recall, I think I read that you come from England. I was born there; lived in a small village called Radley not too far from Oxford, but reside in Canada now.

Thanks so much for sharing your artistic gift with us.


Just a PS: I forgot to add, Julian, that I admire how you paint shadows - the color is always believable, the angles so perfectly placed - I think shadows are extremely hard to paint realistically and you certainly have mastered that challenge. Well done!


Hi Julian, I'm ready to take a walk down that path with a picnic basket. I'm sure there is a special place around the bend. Your paintings always bring creative thoughts to mind. Thanks for sharing it makes my days and others too. Enjoy your weekend.

Touch of beauty to help through day's shattering world news

Oh my, lovely light and shadows....the blue skies and the poppies....gosh, I am so excited about the upcoming painting holiday!!! A bientot.

I always zoom in on your work to study the brushstrokes. It's what I love about your paintings, your response to the subject is always spontaneous and full of life.

Rippling brushstrokes into the shadows, waves-like brushstrokes into the lights, undulating brushstrokes in the sky,all these brushstrokes represent the joyous tracks of a rolling life nearly hidden under subtle glazings:glazings which remind me of the vaporous tutus that hide the lively bodies of sensual ballerinas. This work is a visual treat!

So awesome! Thanks for your continued posts and inspiring paintings, Julian