daily painting titled Clementines on a White Cloth

Clementines on a White Cloth

14 x 16cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 20 March, 2006
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I am a huge admirer of your work, and I love this latest one. You are such an inspiration. The oranges just glow! Bravo!

Dear Julian,

I think your work is simply beautiful. That said, I believe EVERYONE else does too. No sooner do I receive your daily work of art than it's already been sold. Wonderful for you but frustrating for me! Literally within thirty seconds of it being received! I hope I get a chance one of these dys to own a piece of your work.

dear julian, this painting is so lovely. i just finished eating an orange and the room is perfumed with its scent. seeing the painting made my day. i was too late to purchase it. the painting arrived in my mailbox at 12:07 pm and i opened the link at 12:10! oh my. will i ever be able to purchase a painting? thanks again.

I am finding it almost impossible to bid. I try and respond the instant I get the e-mail but the page to purchase won't open--it says to refresh and by the time I refresh, the painting is sold. I realize that demand for these incredibly fairly priced little gems is huge, but I feel like giving up.

Dear Julian-
Do you know the story of Tantalus, whom the gods punished by hanging beautiful and tempting fruits just out of his grasp? Well, these clementines are just like that. So, pay attention, everyone on this list! The next time a clementine comes up, let me buy it!(Wink, wink.)

Any chance that someone is using something like this to purchase these paintings.

If this is the case maybe someone should do some research about how to defeat them. The work is great, luckily, my wife bought one piece before the fame came. Like everyone else we'd love to complete a little collection of three.

The link above is specifically tailored to Amazon.com but I bet there's someone out there that has built something for this site as well. It's a shame but possible.

What Jeremy's suggesting is certainly possible. But there is also so much demand that there could be several people sitting at their computers refreshing this page all morning (or whenever Julian updates) waiting to see a new painting, and clicking purchase immediately.

Julian, maybe you should go and offer your paintings on eBay? You might make a little more, and it would give people a better chance of getting one.

(Of course, that $100 price tag is probably what appeals to a lot of people. It's a tough decision.)

...errr, I didn't mean to make it sound like the $100 is the most appealing thing about the paintings. That totally came out wrong :P I meant to say that it's appealing because the paintings are so beautiful--it's a great way for people with normal incomes to have a piece of fine art.

I love your paintings too but can never respond fast enough to bid even when I have sat in front of the computer. I like the idea of an auction and it would no doubt bring you more money.

I am the lucky purchaser of a Postcard earlier this month. No tricky software used, no scientific method, either. I simply go to this site every day to look at the day's painting because I love the art. Sometimes the painting is not sold; mostly it is. But I do not believe there is a proven method -- just trust in karma. Like my mother used to say: If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. That's my two cents. I'd love to see more comments from admirers about the art itself. On the topic of an auction, it is less democratic in my opinion, as it would favor the wealthy over everyone else. We all have the same chance at being lucky, but are by now blessed with differing amounts of money. I thought one motivation behind the "Postcards" project with smaller paintings for smaller prices (about $100) was to give everyone -- wealthy or not -- the equal ability to own a small piece of a great artist's collective opus. Auction bad; luck good. Auction bad; luck good. Auction bad; luck good.
(Repeat after me...)

Hear! Hear! Gary.

BTW, there are paintings listed as "available" on Julian's main website (http://stillives.com), just not the $100 variety.

Julian, I am just now seeing this lovely painting (I've been out of town with no email for 4 days). I just have to tell you this one is a vision! Lynne

I love your painting, too bad I don�t have a chance, not fast enough, some day!