daily painting titled Half Peeled Mandarin

Half Peeled Mandarin

16cm x 14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 22 January, 2007
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Gasp! Shudder. Gorgeous.

Incredible! I love it.

This one really pops!!

Thanks guys, a day mostly spent in the semi darknes - no Proven´┐Żal light today - moving fruit around trying to find something to whet my appetite. Finally fell on this but had to paint with my ear squashed up to the window for the light. January huh, roll on spring!

Absolutely incredible! Julian, this is gorgeous. I love the dirty lavenders combined with the orange. I just want to reach in and finish peeling it...


I can imagine the fragrance, even in the dark..bet you gulped that beauty down as soon as the light faded to nothing... hope you shared w/Ruth! You got me hooked on Clems. and off the reg. navels. Bravo & love the new bkg color, J... Di

Really interesting to look at--the way the mandarin's shape organically serpentines up and around, forward and back in space, the lacy highlights on the mandarin's torn edges, the swirling, multi-colored grays moving around the fruit like a slow, icy river. And the stem-like membrane, reaching up like an inverted mushroom--I like it all!