daily painting titled Red Pear on a Gold Rimmed Saucer

Red Pear on a Gold Rimmed Saucer

14cm x 16cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 25 September, 2006
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If Glenn should change his mind - at least he'll know he has the option - then I'm in. Thanks

Hi Julian,
I would love to buy a painting with the teal color in this painting. I see I'm too late for this one, but perhaps you could do another one with the same dish? If you don't take requests like that I apologize for asking. I love your work, and I've been waiting for a painting to come up with those blue/green colors, but I was too late to purchase this one.



Oh Julian - no constructive comments or crit ...just unalloyed pleasure - this is lvoely, lovely, lovely Bx

ah the tricky little pear...deceptively difficult to paint, and the amazing aqua saucer that loves to steal the show!

will this be available as a print? it's stunning.

Please do another one like this!!

Bruce....will you sell me this painting??!!

I would like to purchase this piece.How do I go about it?
Thank you.