daily painting titled Summer Fruits with Blue Bowl

Summer Fruits with Blue Bowl

Oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Saturday 30 July, 2005
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Hello Julian,

I paint still-life. I love the challenge of light on fabric, glass, bumpy skin of lemons. I wish I'd found your excellent website last week when I was teaching "intermediate oils" at a Summer School in Gloucestershire!

I'm impressed with your output - I find it hard to keep a balance between painting and teaching. I will sign up for an inspiring little painting in my inbox! Do you know the work of Eric Rimmington? Diarmuid Kelley? Stunning.

Have a good day,


Hi Chris, Yes Eric was a tutor at Wolverhampton back in 1979-82. I have seen Diarmuid's work, I think at the BP Portrait Award.