daily painting titled Blue Green Yellow

Blue Green Yellow

20cm x 12cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 23 January, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


Having just made a tarte au citron for a colleague's birthday, and thus being v. familiar with lemony shapes and colors, I was struck by how you absolutely *nailed* this lemon! A little lumpy, with greenish tinges here & there - a veritable citric quintessence!
Julian, I am really enjoying this latest still-life series you have been doing. The colors and the arrangements are beautiful.
julian, thank you for these recent still lives. they are helping me to make it through a dreary new england winter.it is amazing what a gift they are!
Wow!!! How utterly delicious is THIS! Love the composition, too. Looks like you are having fun with these still lives!
Julian - your latest series of still lifes are amazing. I love the richness of colour and the power of the images. Congrats.
I don't think any of us are tiring of these wonderful, brightly colored intimate still lives. I love today's contrast of the two blues- a bit at odds, but you made them work. I am with Mariah- dreary New England needs a spark of color. Thanks Julian!
Great box...just want to look in there and scrabble around pick up things you obviously know Morandi well.. have a great day.
This is one of the most beautiful paintings I've seen of yours, Julian Merrow-Smith (except for the last 3 or 4!!!) Morandi...Cezanne...Picasso (not in chronological order), they are all great, and they are "inter-painterly" present in this great work. The shadows on the right are deep and spectacular. I think you have reached the stature of the Greats! How lucky we are to be exalted daily with you on our little laptop screens!
I'm also loving these colours in this latest series. It brightens up the grey January we've been having.That tin is so versatile - with fruit or jars, it's brilliant! Thanks.
Thanks all, I'm having fun.