daily painting titled Crillon-le-Brave from les Baux

Crillon-le-Brave from les Baux

19cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 7"x5") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 30 August, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


So lovely, can really feel the heat of the day in this one....
Wonderful variety of greens. You've captured miles and miles of space on a postcard-size canvas! What a lovely vista.
Julian, thank you, I'm trying to learn to paint and your paintings are helping me look at my surroundings in London and Suffolk in a new way. I love how interesting and intriguing you can make a farm track appear. I'm curious - it looks like such a hot day, and yet the foliage is still quite green for the time of year - has there been a higher than average rainfall there this year?
No, we are in the middle of a drought! Most of the trees are evergreen (holm oaks/mediterranean oaks), and vines have deep roots. The roadside grass greens up quickly--we had a big storm a few days ago with heavy rain but leaves are beginning to turn and cherry trees while still green are looking very sorry for themselves.
Julian, I live in admiration for your talent in the ability to capture the essence of rural France as the seasons pass. Temperature, wind speed, fragrances and Internet frustrations may remain better unrecorded. As a dyed-in-the-wool francophile and, to some extent a francophone, I am slightly disappointed by my browser's inability to render accents. Today's attempt at Rhône was rendered RhA'ne with a tilde over the A. Inserting the caption as a JPEG might fix this, but it creates more work for you. I generally hand-print a caption at the foot of my image in PHPlist to deal with "foreign" accents. Best regards, Dai Wynn
What a superb use of the mutidirectional lines that create the motion and the pep through this peaceful landscape!The streak of pink on the road is delightful!And the radiant village in the distance is so evocative! And...And...
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This is just wonderful, Julian. So many of your viewers comments help me to see your work through other eyes, and sometimes with better understanding of why I respond to your work on such a gut level. That gut response sometimes obscures my ability to discern the reasons I love your work so much. So most times my comments seem vapid. Thank you to you and all your "commentors."