daily painting titled Mimosa in a Cornishware Jug

Mimosa in a Cornishware Jug

20cm x 16cm (8"x6¼"), oil on masonite Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Monday 9 February, 2009
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...speaking of taking one's breath away!
That certainly brightens up a winter day!
Wonderful. Not only are the yellows and greens striking against the muted purples and reds in the background, the feeling of depth created in the relationship of the jug and its shadows to the edge of the wall is particularly appealing. I also admire the 'lost" edges of the jug and the way the highlighted area moves forward from them.
i've forgotten how to close my mouth...
Stunning! Quiet and powerful.
Julian Spring in Provence! Lucky. How nice to almost smell this joyful color! Great.
Dear Julian - all of the above...looking forward to the spring. SOOO beautiful! love, mhairi
What a wonderfull painting! Again! I can feel it: spring is in the air! Bravo!
I love this too. Is the mimosa out in your part of France already?
What a magnificent way to celebrate your 50th birthday on the 24th!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a l'avance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Exquisite! My Mimosa is a pink tree with pink flowers
Mimosa was introduced into the South of France from Australia in the Mid 19th Century where it thrived, the forests of Mimosa flower in Jan/Feb and some 8 million bouquets are produced and sold.
Ruth bought these from the village on Sunday morning, I've resisted painting them in the past, they are a difficult colour and shape but the weather has been so dark and gloomy I thought I give them a go, a herald I hope of brighter days to come.
Thank you Julian, this is truly beautiful, lovely to see something native to 'down under'! Here in Australia we are grieving the tragic losses of so many people in devastating fires, to me, your wonderful painting of what we call 'wattle' is like a tribute.
Julian, It's nice to see your paintings brightening this week. This one is positively lovely!
I so agree with Jenny, this does seem like a tribute to those Australians who have lost their lives in the tragic bushfires last Saturday, 173 so far and more to come. "Wattle' as we call it here comes in many varied sizes and shades of yellow/gold. Green and gold, the colours of Australia. Julian this is such a beautiful painting and you have captured mimosa/wattle so beautifully. Thankyou
Marvelous. Please make a print of this one!
I second Emilie's comment-if you would be so generous as to make a print then so many more admirers could enjoy this painting.
So this is what you did the day after that amazing meal. It's lovely - and so were the puddings. What do I have to do to get the recipe for that omlette? Bon courage for the portrait(s).
This is wonderful ! perfection And Nice to know that mimosa is in -flower somewhere,- there is a rare tree in a Garden in Lots Road Chelsea; Though currently London is dark & grey so not much growing; Makes one appreciate your paintings all the more !
I just love this painting! Had I seen this painting sooner, I would have bid on it.