daily painting titled Lemon with chalk stub

Lemon with chalk stub

25cm x 13cm, oil board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 17 October, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


I love this color intensity!!!
I really like this painting. These two alien materials are confronting each other...and saying - what? I would love to know what they think of each other. Fanciful, I know, but the chalk is so non-luscious, so small and dry and chalky...and the lemon is supremely gorgeous and glowing. It makes me think about their relationship, about why they are together in the same painting. Love it! Very brave and interesting painting!
Love Janet Wolahan's comment...the shock of the bursting citron yellow with the delicate rose chalk.... what a triumph! Glorious risky color combinations Julian and I expect Louis is making wonderful marks with that rose chalk. georgia sheron
Wow Julian that is so different for you. Not in a bad way but you're changing things up! Powerful.
I sure appreciate these bold colors, Julian! I'll take two!!
A fun change of pace here, Julian! The lemon appears to be protective of the chalk, though not getting too close for fear of being overbearing. A portrait of you and Louis perhaps. ;)
This is very different from your usual - I almost thought I was looking at someone else's work. It grows on you, though. It's almost as if you were teaching Louis the primary colors.
It wasn't just the primary colors that got my attention! I always study the painting awhile before checking the title, but not today, because my first thought was wad of bubble gum - I found relief with 'chalk stub.' Fun painting, it makes me smile.
WOW! More like this please!
This is just fantastic. And a bit different to your usual still lifes. It puts me in mind of Euan Uglow. It's great.
Pure delight!
This also jumped out at me as being very different from the usual, almost a different artist, but shame on us for thinking we can 'predict' you.