daily painting titled Portrait of a Young Boy

Portrait of a Young Boy

This is the final portrait of the young boy started in August, (see Head of a Boy, August 17 2006).
Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 18 February, 2007
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What a beautiful portrait! He looks a little like an elf. Good luck with the launch of the new design, and congratulations on two years online!
Thank you, Julian, for sharing this amazing portrait and for your generous spirit. Have fun down the programming hole!
Very nice Julian! Can't wait to see your new site. You're not only a great painter...your an amazing webmaster.
I was hoping we could see him again. Wonderful, looks like he's ready to get back to playing outside. Thank you for sharing! I miss the old format already, loved to read the many comments each day from the regulars! (plus I can?t compete with the big bucks out there) Wishing you grand success Julian.
what a sugar muffin! i could just give him a big squeeze...besides his beautifully rendered face, amazing eyes and hair, i particularly like the shadow created by his shirt collar on left side of painting.
he is so precious...reminds me of a summer day.
Wow!What a beautiful boy! That was my first thought. The portrait is really transcendant--what beautiful light and delicate colors. Really gorgeous!
I am in awe. This portait lives! All of your postcards make my day, and as a San Francisco artist I am inspired by your creativity and energy, more than I can claim for myself. Keep up the magic!
What a tender portrait! It's so emotional even in its stillness. And so luminous! Really a treasure Julian!
Oh, man!! You can paint.
The painting is beautiful Julian. Might you enter it for the BP AWARD??
You have captured the essence of this boy just before he starts his voyage to being a man. It is splendid. Barbara
My goodness. I just subscribed to you and THIS is what arrives in my inbox! How in the world can you top it? Thank you!
What a beautiful portrait! I wish you were here to paint my grandchildren! Let me know if you come to San Francisco.