daily painting titled Rio del Malcanton

Rio del Malcanton

13cm x 19cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 13 November, 2016
Posted in Paintings of Venice


I like this painting , it's really good ,well worth it ! Thanks
It may have been done quickly, but the magic of the day is there. "boo!" To the lucky tourists!
This painting made me exclaim out loud! I think I remember being in this place, and I think the painting is fantastic. Quit flogging yourself. It looks better without the orange sky:-)
I particularly love your Venetian paintings. I particularly love your landscape paintings. I guess I just particularly LOVE your paintings! This is wonderful. And I am crazy about the Venetian still life paintings, with Pomegranates, with pears, with grapes and the beautiful one with clementines on that good edged chest!!! Gorgeous!
In spite of your difficulties you produced a lovely painting. Reminds me of Sargent's wonderful depictions of Venice.
why are you whinging? that's a lovely picture. Nice to be brighter than your previous oeuvre.
sounds like a really frustrating time, but it's a beautiful painting despite that!
Still, it's a lovely painting.
c'est vraiment la lumière de venise la plupart du temps, les éclaircies sont des exceptions ... c'est très beau. Caroline
Oui comme le dit Caroline, la lumière de Venise est exceptionnelle et c'est des moments de petits miracles ...Bravo au talentueux Julian.
Hi Julian Frustrated - Disappointed, we have all been there Just as you've packed up to leave the light changes - if only I had waited .... all those old buildings and water reflections I am learning as much from your comments as your paintings Thankyou
Julian, When it comes to painting, you can do no wrong. This one is terrific, just as it is. Your loyal fan, fran
You can see from the comments that you need not fret. You catch the essence of the places in the landscapes and articles in your still lif pieces. You ride in the forefront of your craft. Just think of the joy the tourists got from seeing you at work. It's a fine piece of work.
Oh, poor you! I find it very hard to cope with that one. An old man I knew, who was a very good artist, used to keep a couple of joke eyes handy, which he would stick onto his eyelids then smile wildly at tourists who would then flee ... all would be quiet after that :) Anyway, you managed to get a very nice painting there, despite all