daily painting titled Fountain at la Madelene

Fountain at la Madelene

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 8 October, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


Goody, and thanks for the note, Julian. Have been missing you.
So pleased to hear...been a long time.. sylvia
Have missed your stuff, Julian - and the workshop from a few years ago. Like keeping up with the rest of the family on FB though. Best to them both and La Madelene.
Love the fountain. Thank you. Fanny
Beautiful, Julian. It's so nice to open my email and see your painting. You've got good depth in this little piece.
Nice to hear from you again, I've missed your work. Will look forward to seeing new paintings,I am now leaving on painting holiday on Maui will return Nov. 1st
so glad to see your work again!
Missed you! Thinking of coming back. Love to you, Ruth and that crazy kid!
I study the way you so easily, it feels, capture the light. Each time!! Imagine
I always study the way you capture beautiful light, you've done it here again, seemingly with such ease. Wonderful. I imagine trying to do the same thing.
So glad to see you back on line, miss you guys, say hi to Jude and Phillipe!