daily painting titled Red pears

Red pears

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 24 March, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


I am surprised you didn't paint little fingers reaching up and grabbing a pear! Nicely painted!
Good luck and enjoy!
Good Luck with Papa duty.
This is so beautiful! So French looking - don't get such lovely looking pears in the UK usually, linen t towel, just lovely!!.
Beautiful pears on a cold snowy day in Ohio!
being an artist and a mother I know of whence you speak...get him to pose for you so we can see him! and good luck with that!
Good luck--bonne chance et tout ca. Let's hope the weather is good and Louis doesn't get a cold. Hang in there and paint some more--buy a toy for a bribe or something else he wants. It works and doesn't hurt him. I hope he's a good sleeper. Bonne nuit, Louis.
Lovely as usual, and such rich color for pears! Don't often see that here in Canada. You sure make me think - and you constantly open my eyes; I would never have thought to come up with such an interesting composition as this one. It certainly makes me realize how much I have yet to learn!! Thank you, Julian. Elaine
Very French-looking and very pretty - love it.
Dear Julian, does little Louis have a daytime nap? It was the only time I got anything done, and sadly it wasn't painting but chores! The horrible cold phrase "time management" doesn't sit well with creativity or babies in my opinion! Good luck and give it all up to baby Louis! Lovely pears, peak of perfection! Anna.
Love these little treasures. Good luck on your own! You are an inspiration much appreciated.
Hi Julian , I have to agree with Anna "give it all up to Louis" they grow so fast!! Don't miss it my friend , nothing is more important. And of course the pears were lovely . you have an exceptional talent. Thanks Craig