daily painting titled Still Life with Peaches and Silver Goblet

Still Life with Peaches and Silver Goblet

20cm x 12cm (8"x4¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 14 June, 2009
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Zowee. Sumptuous.
Hi, has there been any update on "The Book"? If so, I haven't heard, could someone let me know. thanks, -joe
The same brushwork as Edouard Manet: Same elegance, easing and natural balance.The delicate shadow breaking the stiffness of the table... The composition strangely seems to be in reverse order diverting the look which finally loses into the dark background on the right. Very elaborate.
Ahhh, simply luscious..I can see the peach fuzz and love the mirror quality of the goblet.
hi joe, the book - mine at least - is in its first draft state and with a lovely editoress who has very kindly offered me her services. I will have a good deal of work still to do once i have heard back from her but it feels pretty exciting. I just hope i can do justice to the wonderful stories i received from you all.
Is there a self portrait in the goblet ?
Love the leaves.
Hi Ruth Can you still use any stories? Barbara M
Absolutely gorgeous! (And, yes, Ruth...do you need any more stories?)
Hi Julian I just moved back and forth between the apricots and the peaches. They are a wonderful contrast. The painting of the peaches with the goblet is primarily cool in effect though the bottom brushstrokes are warm to provide a contrast. The apricots with the cup are hot and sexy, but the blue in the cup cools the effect somewhat as do the green in the bottom brushstrokes. What this does is make me wonder what motivates your choice of colour.This is excellent work for my jet-lagged brain.
Yes please do keep the stories coming. The quirkier the better! I can't promise to use them all but will do my best! If you can link them in somehow to a painting or a painting subject, even if obliquely, all the better.
Ruth, I'm not so good with the computer, so I'll send my story to Julian's email address...hope this is OK.