daily painting titled Woman in a White Dress

Woman in a White Dress

17cm x 12cm, oil on linen mounted on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 17 June, 2007
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Stunning! Utterly stunning! Ruth, I will never forget your looks, your courage, your humor, your character -- and how beautiful you and Julian looked, dressed in splendid Provencal white, when you came to Paris. This is an incredible portrait! I'm so glad I can visit it -- at least online! Thank you, Julian, for the depth you manage to get into your portraits!
Quel beau portrait de Ruth...j'en ressens une tranquilité, un apaisement, comme une paix retrouvée
merci joyce et mireille! The calm may have had something to do with Andras Schiff playing bach partitas and a beautful cat on my lap!
Julian / Ruth This is beautiful and all the more impressive for only being 7x5". The lighting and modelling are both wonderful.
Wow. Very nice. love the light and shadow.
thanks julian, this portrait just spoke to me...i had to have it in my growing collection. ruth, you look like you could be family on my grandmother's side. she was also ruth and that is my middle name! barbara ruth lowe