daily painting titled Head of a Woman

Head of a Woman

14cm x 22cm (approx. 5½"x8½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 28 July, 2008
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I see a melancholy expression. Beautiful and very touching.
Oh, dear Ruth. Why so incredibly sad? I feel the same way, having found out that my oldest French friend, whom I knew in Bordeaux in 1957, was just hospitalized with a brain tumor. It is he who taught me to say "j'ai pleure comme un veau!" and NOT, as I had been saying, "j'ai pleure comme une vache"! Well, I've done a lot of both yesterday and today, and just looking at this incredibly poignant and powerful painting, tears come to my eyes again. Julian, how do you do it?
What a lovely painting of our dear Ruth. Lacrime christi. So sad Ruth - is he still beating you? love Dad
Julian, so humane,so heartfelt portrait; and so daring for instance in your way of painting the lower lip or the forehead! Your picture is as beautiful and captivating as some portraits from Fayoum .Unforgettable!
don't worry joyce and patrick, i'm not depressed. It's all about the artist, don't forget. It's called projection! so sorry to hear about your friend joyce. i owe you an email, but we are not coming to the states, not just yet!
fine painting this one julian & i remember that you've done some beautiful other portraits of the same model (intime) which were less 'sad' bravo