daily painting titled Back street in Avignon

Back street in Avignon

15cm x 20cm, oil on panel (approx 6"x8") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 9 September, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Sometimes I just get sick of you. I think your life is so enchanting and mine is,too. But today had it's challenges, but not really, because the rain has stopped here in CT where we are in summer, and it was a glorious day full of great autumn light and I don't have the nerve to get a painting room organized...all my stuff is there, but I need to nest it and I weed, do a million other things and am so annoyed by your life at the moment of painting a painting a day. Truth is, you've totally inspired me, but I can't get off the dime...whatever that means.
I love the composition and the colors you used. I soooo love all of your paintings!
Oh Julien, how I wld love to live in any one of your paintings. Like this one very much
Another one with the breath-taking "wow" factor. I open the email and am breathless with admiration for what you do. Thanks, Julien. You give so many of us so much pleasure.
thank you for this painting. I love the light of france. It resonates with me I guess as an Aussie light colour space are so important. at great work. Ruth
I always enjoy your paintings of buildings, you make them look so easy (but they are not)! They remind me a little of Edward Seago's work, everyone said his looked easy too! Keep up the good work!
I imagine the people of this narrow street are taking a refreshing afternoon nap...You could hear a pin drop.Not far,The petanque court at this moment is still empty.But the street caf├ęs will soon fill up with the congenial regulars...But suddenly,little by little,I can hear afar off,some folks singing: 1-"On the bridge of Avignon Everyone is dancing On the bridge of Avignon Everyone is dancing in a circle The handsome men go like this And they go like that. 2-On the bridge of Avignon ..... The beautiful women go like this And they go like that. 3-..... What a lovely day!
another beautiful work!