daily painting titled Red Onions

Red Onions

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 15 September, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


corps de ballet?
The most beautiful variety!
Dear Julian, they look exactly like chipollini, flattened, sweet tasting little gourmet onions. A lovely,inspiring little jewel of a painting. Beautiful highlights and a gorgeous red. Should be a treat for painter et famille roasted with thyme! Anna.
beautiful painting!
Very nicely done!
I love the way you have caught the contrasting energy of the onions... the twisted stalks that move off in different directions to be grounded by the very plumpness of the onions. the interplay of shadows... and the subtle high light defining the top left onion in short a lovely picture!
yes, chipolini, however many pp's and l's are in it, it sounds and tastes and looks and paints just like that love, Mary Ann
The rest of us make still-life paintings which are still. You do not. No one else can make an onion dance? or pears flirt? or figs gossip?
Annette says it all and says it whimsically, poetically - a brilliance worthy of the painting. You certainly "get" onions. Visions of your last onion, a symphony of whites and beiges, still dance in my head. I wrote you how it conjured images of Renoir's onions that hang in the Clark Museum in Williamstown, MA. Is it already sold? Do all your paintings sell at the online auction by a prescribed time? Please tell me if the white/beige onion still is for sale. Carol
Querido Julian: Me encanta su pintura y me identifico totalmente con ella, sabe por qué? Pues porque tenemos un estilo muy parecido, ya que yo soy un pintor realista,amante de la pintura clasica, gran admirador de Velaquez, Vermeer y tantos otros grandes maestros que nos han antecedidos. Si no fuera por la edad(tengo 83 años)intentaria entrar en este mundo de la informática para tratar de propagar mi Arte. Bueno, de todas formas a lo mejor lo pensaré. Un abrazo,maestro!!!