daily painting titled Reflection #2

Reflection #2

22cm x 27cm. Oil on linen

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 7 February, 2006
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Poor you, hot toddies and sunshine and lots of rest.
Hey, I feel for you. I've had it TWICE since December and it's horrible. You might need antibiotics...take care of yourself and I send you lots of get well energy!
Am sending via cyber-brain-link a magnum of your fav brandy and a magnum of chix soup... alternate sips ad lib... better in no time. So sorry you are "siq." DH
self portrait? fabulous.. get well soon
So sorry for you ....Feel better soon !!
You're looking remarkably well, considering! I'm sorry to hear that nasty bug is also available in France, thought only Californians were being punished. Rest up and paint some more--I get great joy from your work every day.
Welcome back to the fold. As Rhonda said, that evil bug has been running rampant in California this winter. Just rid myself of it and have sanitized the keyboard before tapper whacking this note to you. REST.
Hope you're on the mend bruv.. Going to see V tomorrow and she say's "Ps: Julian's Painting has arrived and looks fabulous" Can't wait to see it!!!
What a cross boy I have - Dad
dare I ask about hep hem...portraits?
ole Mr. Grumpy... Keep up the good work.
another star portrait, bravo julian
I receive the e-newsletter from the Hotel. I scanned it this morning and your site caught my eye. I cried when I saw the fruit in the cafe latte bowls. The latter remind me of Simone Signoret movies where I fell in love with every thing French including cigarette smoke. You've made me miss France. And, I adore your self-portrait. I can't wait to come look at your work. It's absolutely lovely. I can't imagine NOT knowing about it. I've sent it off to 19 people already. Thank you for working so hard. I can't wait to visit...did I say that already?? And, your wife's work sounds mystically fabulous. I will email you and ask to see your work and have a chat. Hugs from California. Love, Karen
A blast from the past Julian, but so pleased to see your success. Love your work. Karen