daily painting titled Still life with peaches and plums

Still life with peaches and plums

24cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 30 August, 2012
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Glowing close-up!
The lonely "Plum" today has found a friend.I can breathe again!

There's music in this one with the energy of a duo and back-up singers. Very special one today.

I just wanted to say how beautiful this is.

You have such a beautiful way with dusky fruit.

Just lovely. I love the playfulness odd numbers
of objects inject into still lives. Also wonderful to contrast the textures of the two fruits.

Just beautiful. Peaches and plums are on my kitchen counter right now, looking just as lifelike as yours!

You paint a great peach AND a plum.

Fantin-Latour is one of my favorites. I've been meaning to tell you that your peaches are perfect....you've rendered the color and texture perfectly.

Fantin-Latour would be honored to see your work and know that you admire his paintings.

excellent !

What strikes me about fruit, such as peaches and plums, is that no two are alike. Julian you have shown this in this expertly painted still life. Moreover each is given a special position that reveals its colour and shape. Shirley is right you do have a special skill at painting "dusky fruits" and cheese and butter.

Just lovely! I am a huge fan of Fantin-Latour as well - wouldn't you love to own one of his?

You do great work - some, like any artist's work, are better than others - this one is one of those better ones.

Suzanne on St. Simons

You also paint a great peach. I can feel the peach fuzz as I look at them!

My husband painted a great peach and a plum too. He also was a big admirer or Fantan-Latour and would have loved your work too....as I do!

Hi Julian,
I think you are amazing! I've been receiving your painting a day for over a year and always look forward to the next one. It's great to see what material you have for inspiration in your region of the world, expertly executed, by the way!
from So Cal