daily painting titled Peaches


20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 24 June, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Nobody could ever do peaches as you do!!!!! Perhaps someday you will do a large painting of peaches for me. I would be thrilled!!!!!! Bonnie
Bon appetit - glorious. What a peach! And what a glorious colour background too.
Moody peaches... love it!
Romeo and Juliet on stage are declaring eternal love just before the inescapable tragedy foreshadowed by the dark cloud just behind Juliet.And all the peaches in the auditorium, who know the truth,weep and whisper: -Oh my Father my Lord,why? It is so unfair!"
JUlian, Theses Peaches make my mouth water!!! Tish.
I can almost feel the peach fuzz under my fingertips as I wash them off at the kitchen sink. They are probably still warm from the summer sun too. A job well done, Julian! Elaine
Dear Julian, a delicious painting,don't just scoff the peaches! Here is a suggestion. Painters late afternoon pick-me-up: Bellini Classico Two very ripe, halved and stoned peaches, champagne or sparkling wine. Puree peaches, fill two chilled wine glasses up to a third with the puree, top up with the wine. Gently stir. Goes well with Cupids caviar. Anna. P.S. This site is getting nicely surreal!
Bloom'n perfect Julian!
I don't care if there's a shadow across it; the wall looks like the sky! And those giant peaches, surreal! Wonderful!
There is nothing left to be said...:) BRAVO!
I like this very much ... has a lovely sense of space.
Soft edges and subtle colours..love it. Still enjoying yesterday's too.
Julian, I sure wish you would paint some peaches for me in a large format. I really love them!!!!!!!!! Bonnie