daily painting titled Near Flassan

Near Flassan

18cm x 13cm (7"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 28 June, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


Love it. Puts me in mind of Edward Seago.
Inspirational - thank you for showing me its not all about thirds as all my teachers have said it has to be - or have I viewed this painting wrongly?
I can see the wind.... Thank you.
Your cloud paintings have sent my eyes heavenward. Clouds are fascinating to watch; you inspire me to make an attempt to photograph them. I think the summer heat and the forces of hot and cold air make for some wonderful shapes and movement. The paintings today and yesterday are a testament to your skill at brushwork, colour and composition. I may try to juxtapose them to see how that affects my view of them.
minunata pictura!
Very impressive. A broad surface of sky. A minimal area of land. At first sight,the composition looks unbalanced. But(of course),it is not the case: -The wheatfield and the houses are the most lighted surfaces -The size of the dark big tree, breaking hills and clouds -And the shadows cast by the hills, making a dark and neat line, nearly sharing sidelong the canvas, all that tries to re-establish the balance. But why "tries"? because the skyline is also oblique! and on top of that, the center of gravity (the big tree)is pushed aside to the right side! But thanks to the sunny field and in the distance, the luminous white walls just above the field, the balance as if by magic is preserved! A subtle lesson of composition, tones and values. A tribute paid to Corot?
Reminds me of big Norfolk skies, the Seago comment was quiet near the mark, reminiscent of his sky studies, which puts you in good company. Great landscape again. All the best, Steve
Lovely!!! Oh, Julian, I recieved the book yesterday!!!!!! It's fabulous!!!!!!!!!!