daily painting titled Balsamic


13cm x 22cm (5"x8½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 24 March, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


This is exceptionally beautiful.
beautiful, the light effect is spot on.
Yes, yes, yes, thank you. This is what I'm talking about when I say that I'm a sucker for your still life!!!!! This is IT. Holy cow. It's amazing.
Hi Julian Congratulations on this painting. The light, colour and brushstrokes create an image that is elegant in its seeming simplicity. What, I think, are the remains of a strawberry or a pepper on the top of the bottle brings the artist into the picture. I like this self reference.
Barbara, it's sealing wax, things still come in old fashioned packages in europe!
I agree with "Boglar" your still life paintings are my favorite. This one is particularly exceptional : dark, enticing, moody, dramatic. Just lovely.
Next to an enigmatic red line (light between shut window curtains ?), a wonderful elongated reflection showing I suppose an open doorway, a flight of steps, a garden with a sunny tree and a light sky...A still life opening onto a genuine landscape ! Julian, once more, it is a "real dream world" you have created.
Powerful painting, Julian! I saw you were mentioned in the latest issue of Traditional Home magazine...get ready of an onslaught of new admirers!
Sorry, I meant get ready FOR an onslaught of new admirers...haven't had my coffee yet...
Just stellar Julian.... I can almost see the reflection of the window of your studio. I could study this all day and see new special things... I am sure we would all love this as a print, peut-etre??? Just gorgeous...the cork inside the glass... a tour de force! Magical!!
A print please? I simply adore this painting. Wish the "crise" were over! The reflections are splendid. Would you tell us what they depict? Or would you prefer to "keep us in the dark"? I can guess, and love the mystery, but once, when you told me that a little square was a window in your studio, it intensified the painting itself. Merci, cher ami.
You're killin' me! Everyday I look to see what you've painted and think, "Well, now this is it!" ... and you always follow it up with something even more outstanding. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration for all of us.
Thank you all, I had the idea for the painting on my day off (whilst painting something bigger), so I had a sort of run up to it.
Joyce, the large reflection is the window, the orangey line is my elongated face.
Hi Julian Wow!!!!!!!! 'You' really were in this painting. Fabulous!!!!!!! Thanks for this information.
Hi Julian, It' a few minutes past 6 a.m. and your painting has me dancing around my studio inspired once again to paint "still-life". I must say you have achieved the 'Masters Touch'. I am visiting my daughter's vineyard near St.Cecile for two months painting and organizing her garden. Because of the inspiration you have brought into my heart this morning I shall now attempt to paint their Paris Gold Medal winner "Mistral".