daily painting titled Near Gigondas

Near Gigondas

20cm x 10cm (8"x4"), ol on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 29 March, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


Wow! Love the abstract design in this!

This is one I could look at all day. The dyads are splendid: light and shadow, geometric precision and hazy mountains,the whites and ochers that bring out the blueness of the sky, the mountains, the shadows, and on and on. Merci.

Telephone pole? Electricity pole? Lightning rod? Nice geometry on a pretty plane.

Magnifique !

Une atmosph�re � la Edward Hopper peinte avec la main, la personnalit� et le talent propres � Julian.

Le Gigondas sera bon !

julian, i just want to dive right into these deep blues!! awesome work--you've been channeling the big guys lately haven't you?? great stuff!

Yes, the atmospherics are tremendous. Just superb.... mesmerizing really. You really do have the touch.

Love that cool shadow on the warm wall.

a mountain as deep as the sea. beautiful.

I love the way you made the roof on the house. The whole painting is beautiful. I personally think this is your best landscape that has a house in it yet.

this is absolutely my favourite from a very long line of spectacular paintings.