daily painting titled Still Life with blue tin, egg and wooden spoon

Still Life with blue tin, egg and wooden spoon

33cm x 24cm (approx 13"x9¼"), oil on linen, Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 23 December, 2010
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Inspiring. Beautiful patina on the box and the brown egg harmonizes with the composition.
Your postcards from Provence often are the highlight of my day! My very best to you both and my wishes for a happy and properous new year. You are an inspiration!
Thank you for sharing all these paintings. I look forward to them every day. My income remains the same while everything else increases so not much hope of me ever owning on but at least I get to see them. Happy Christmas to you and yours and all the best for the coming year. PS love to all the paintings too.
I love your work!!
Many thanks for the daily paintings I have enjoyed. May you and Ruth enjoy a blessed Christmas and an equally successfull New Year.
Thank YOU so much for the gift of your work. I have enjoyed every email I have received for years. I love the way you paint patina!
Very very nice! Love it!
Thanks for the daily images it has been lovely to watch your work develop. Painting everyday clearly has honed your skills. Love what you are doing now. All the best for 2011 and hope we get a chance to meet up next year.
how very much your paintings and now your comments and ruth's blog have meant to me and i do thank you both. happy holidays to you from a devoted fan. grace
Your still life paintings are amazingly life-like. I would like to see more landscapes though. I really admire your style which is close to my own. I hope you have a very happy Christmas and a happy and prosperous New year.
This is absolutely exquisite, Julian. All my best to you and Ruth for this Holiday Season. May you both be blessed and have a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year. All my love, Merilee
Yes, thank you so much, Julian, for these amazing works of art and the manner in which you "display" them for all of us to enjoy. I wish you both a wonderful new year, filled with all the richness life has to offer, and plenty of subject matter. You are amazing to be able to create in the way that you do. Merry Christmas! Edie
Merry, Merry Christmas!
Julian and Ruth, Happy Holidays and wishing you the best for the new year. Thank you for your daily inspiration for so many of us. That wooden spoon is just beautiful. Warm regards, Stephen
Dear Julian and Ruth wishing you both a Happy Christmas.Thank you for your exquisite paintings,opening an email is like opening a jewel box only better.Sarah.
I think definitely,Julian,that Merlin the wizard is wittingly reincarnated as you. Otherwise,I don't understand how come you can get so many different styles nearly day after day. Merry Christmas Eve to you and your family.
I echo all the above. I have a full on family life and little respite, but one day I hope to continue with what skills I have, and your paintings are a daily joy to me. Happy Christmas
Many thanks for an inspirational year. I look forward to opening your mail - please keep up the good work. Happy Christmas to you and your family G
I love the mysterious intent expressed in this painting. What will happen next I wonder? What I hope, Julian and Ruth, is that you have a peaceful and happy holiday and festive feasts. I send the same wish to all who comment, read and take pleasure from the paintings as I do. Barbara M
I agree with all those who find your works inspiring and the highlight of the day! I am constantly amazed by the beauty of these small works, and they help me move forward in my own painting. Selfishly, I hope you continue to present these paintings forever. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year--and a productive 2011.
Thank you for presenting such beautiful works--they make my day and selfishly, I hope you keep on. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a productive 2011.
Julian, My wife and I are recent followers of your work,...since this past September. Your daily postcards are the high point of each day for us. Your talent is of the very highest modern master caliber. Superbly brilliant artwork! It is not at all surprising that you have such a loyal and avid following. I myself am an artist as well,...I am in my 37th year of professional illustration. This year I decided to take the time to pursue a 25 year yearning to produce a series of landscape paintings,..a series of studies based on trees. Your work has been a great inspiration to me in producing this body of work that I plan to market in a gallery setting. As yet I do not have a website set up to display this new work,...that will come to pass within the next few months. It will be a separate site from my illustration site as I do not wish to combine the two areas endeavor. If I may, I would like to send you a few examples of this new series for your opinion and perspective. Since I cannot attach jpegs to this email format,...if you so desire,you may visit my illustration website at www.davidmichaelbeck.com and use the contact link to respond. I can then forward the images I mention to you. My wife and I would like to wish you and your family a happy, and safe holiday season. May the new year bring to you more well deserved success and happiness. Your remarkable work and positive,humble demeanor are indeed a breath of fresh air. Regards, DMB
Love the way you've linked up the composition with visual analogies-i.e. How the yellow band of the wooden spoon relates to the light ocre band of light on the table top. The interplay of the shadow shapes is a nice foil to the horizontal movement of the green box-The triangular cast shadow of the egg and it's dialogue with the one in the background. I kept scrolling up to look more carefully at the painting as I was writing and the more I looked, the more I appreciate the subtleties and how you can make such a bold statement with just a few simple objects. Blessings!!! Hannah
Julian, it is a wonderful gift that you share with all of us. Thank you! Wishing you and your wife a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!
Julian, I feel like I get a Christmas gift with every Postcard I receive. Your landscapes are especially wonderful because it reminds us of the two weeks we spent in St. Remy last summer. Also, I am back painting after a 30 year hiatus due to your inspiration. Thanks and keep painting using your special talent. A Merry Christmas to you and Ruth and a safe and healthy New Year. Jim Delk Birmingham, AL, USA
I always look forward to your daily posts and am continuously inspired by your work. I most admire your amazing ability to capture exactly the right colors! Look forward to more inspiration in 2011. Happy holidays!
Wishing you both a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year . Your paintings are beautiful and very inspiring. Nicola .
Dear Julian, Your paintings are perfect respite from the world news as I work on the internet. Just got your wonderful book and look forward to hours of visual delight. Thanks for your hard work and willingness to share it with us all. Have a healthy and wonderful holiday and new year. All the best to you and family, Peter
Julian, Your amazing book and 2 gorgeous prints under our Christmas tree really livened up my sweeties morning. He has been inspired by your work for several months and it is with great anticipation that I await his next painting creation. Thanks for all your discipline...showing us the way to happiness through the arts. Happy and healthy New Year to you and yours. Jeannie
Dear Julian, Thank you for another year of sensational paintings ...simple topics executed with the eye and brush of a genius. This one like so many other before it is gorgeous. You are an inspiration to so many. Blessings to you and Ruth this Christmas and only good things in the coming New Year.
I'm not sure I've been receiving your emails for 5 years, but it's certainly been a few. It's one of the few things that arrives through email that I can count on being worth opening. I always take 30 seconds out of my day to view the picture of the day and then move on. Thanks for taking the trouble to upload them regularly - yes I know it's also part of your business model. And thanks for adding the commentary in your new format, much appreciated. Cheers.
Julian, I appreciate your work very much, hope you do not mind the comments and i am a painter amator. wish a happy new year and many paintings. Emanuel.
You bring joy to my life every day with your beautiful paintings. Thank you so much. Wishing you and your wife a Happy and Healthy New Year. Brenda Wilburn Ocala, Florida
Julian, I second the many comments above and hope you and Ruth have had a fabulous Christmas. May 2011 bring renewed prosperity to all of us, and may you maintain your awesome discipline, so that we can keep enjoying your work. Thank you and best wishes. Frith
I want to thank you for your work, Julian. You are an inspiration to me, and some mornings, I cannot believe my eyes, as your website comes up. You just continue to outdo yourself. Bravo!
Sorry that I left 3 comments!! My computer is glitching. My apologies.